Sunday, 17 April 2011

King of my Castle

So I got myself into another project. This time I bought a plastic castle from eBay. The toy, which is especially for little kids, is made of very flexible plastic. It was a bit risky to get it online, since I didn't know if the scale would suit my miniatures. Fortunately, the seller I got it from made a thorough description of the item and took really good pictures of it. This may sound a bit redundant, but so many times I avoid buying things from eBay and other sites because of poor descriptions and bad photos.

Anyway, I got the castle a few days later and was very happy to see that it matched the 28mm scale. It had a few issues though. There were some mould lines that took me quite a while to get rid of and the fact that the plastic was bendable made it a bit difficult to basecoat it.

After sorting these out, I painted the castle using a very simple colour scheme with GW paints:

Drybrushing with Dheneb Stone all over the walls;
Mechrite Red, Bestial Brown and Bubonic Brown for the roof;
Weathering with Camo Green, Graveyard Earth and Bestial Brown;
The gates were simply painted with two layers of Dark Flesh.

I also replaced the original flag that came with the castle by a Bretonnian standard from the Men-at-Arms sprue and painted it accordingly. To finish off, I placed a Bretonnian transfer onto the flag.

I decided not to glue the wall sections, so that I can change the shape of the castle whenever needed.

The other cool thing about the model is the foldable gate in one of the walls.

So there we are! I am now able to use this castle as a centerpiece for my games and campaigns or simply as a piece of terrain to add a bit of drama to my pictures. Either way, it was great fun to convert and paint this model.


  1. I love the pictures! It was worth all the hard work Fofo, and the manufacturer was quite right, it is suitable for small children after all :) :) ;)

  2. Thank you, my Love! I'm glad I have an eye for babies' toys! :)