There is nothing better than a whole bunch of miniatures to spice up the game. In Forge Quest, a game set in the fantasy realm of Gandaroth, we use all sorts of miniatures from several manufacturers. Here are some examples:

 The village of Galdor, situated in the Hargam, using several terrain models like some rural houses from Hudson&Allen, Gripping Beast and Games Workshop.
 The loathsome and corrupted Officers of the Dark Insignia are GW models from the Bretonnia army.
 The mighty Ogre Hunter is a beautiful sculpture also from GW. This fearless wanderer will be roaming the mountains of Humstrolande.

The dwarves from Ruflin Gnorn are models from Ral Partha, and although they are slightly smaller than the average dwarf model, they can add a lot of character as villagers.