Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Wild Dwarfs

After being release by Daugrim and his soldiers in the raid in Lomman Toll, Surgon was able to reunite with his own kin, the Wild Dwarfs, who were more than happy to help the dwarfs in their search for the lost treasure in Humstrolande.

The Wild Dwarfs are nomads by nature and totally acclimatised to adverse environments. Their knowledge of the mountains is legendary and their endless courage is feared my many foes, including the Wendigos and Ogres.

Their help will be invaluable to Daugrim as they prepare to enter the mystical mountains.

Note: actual miniatures are from Games Workshop


  1. Ooo. Excited about more dwarfs.

  2. You'll be using them in your next mission in the mountains!

  3. What an excellent unit and a very nice large photo. Nice work j.

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  4. Thanks for the visit and the suggestion, Sigmar. I will check your links later on. Great to see how people are so into the hobby!