About Forge Quest

Forge Quest is an amateur, non-commercial game (in development) that takes place in the fantasy world of Gandaroth. It uses 25/28mm scale miniatures from all sorts of manufacturers.
The game can be played as a skirmish game, a normal wargame (with batallions/armies fighting each other) or as an adventure game.

Miniatures and terrain used in Forge Quest come from the following companies:
The Army Painter
Avatars of War
Black Hat Miniatures
Black Tree Design
Crocodile Games
Crusader Miniatures
Dark Sword Miniatures
Ebob Miniatures
Enigma Miniatures
Freebooter Miniatures
Games Workshop
Grim Reaper Casting (no weblink)
Gripping Beast
Hell Dorado
Hudson&Allen Studio
Kraken Editions
Magister Militium
Mantic Games
Mirliton Miniatures
Privateer Press
Ral Partha
Reaper Miniatures
Redoubt Entreprises
Rosewood Pet Products
Scibor Miniatures
Scotia Grendel
Splintered Light Miniatures
Tale of War
Warlord Games
West Wind Production
Wyrd Miniatures

Maps are created with Campaign Cartographer 3 and edited in Adobe ImageReady CS2