Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Work in Progress

Hi there. It's been probably too long since I last updated the blog. Not that I've been completely off painting miniatures and terrain, but I just haven't had the proper time to sit down and give you an update on the latest works.

But first of all, let's go back in time a little bit. Since 2009 I'd been seriously thinking of getting myself a board where I could display my miniatures and have games. This year, the opportunity came with my good friend Tim and his wife Gill kindly offering their garden table (which they brought in their car one of these days). That same day, I went to the Arts Institute and managed to find a perfectly sized wooden board in the recycling area. I had to bring it home by foot - which almost caused a few accidents with pedestrians, but hey! So, the main items got here in the end and totally for free!

But the cherry on top of the cake was when I came back from London one of these days and found the table and board with the whole medieval town fully displayed on one of our rooms. Courtesy of my lovely girlfriend who probably was getting fed up with my winging about not having a place in the house to display the board!

So, recently I found myself some time so I decided to tackle the issue of finding the right wallpaper to floor the board. After a few tests, I chose to go for a more neutral and thus versatile pattern (which in a way was a shame, as it meant that I had to let go of the flagstone pattern).

I glued the wallpaper on to the board, painted it with tester pots from Wilkinson's (a much cheaper way than buying GW or any other more artistic paints for the effect) and then glued patches of static grass, which gave it a more realistic look overall.

This also enabled me to have a versatile board to have forest and jungle terrain for my future games.

At this stage I should say that probably the outcome would've been different and not as good if it hadn't been for the feedback and suggestions of the good people from the Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum. In fact, joining the forum was one of the best things since I've started the hobby, as I've been learning so much from these very artistic people.
So here are some snapshots of the town, now with the new wallpaper:

Moving on, I added a few more things to my terrain collection. A potion shop (still to be finished), using the GW Chapel and making the interiors accessible.

It was fun to do the conversion and gave the opportunity to work with balsa wood (even if in small amounts). The windows came from the Antenocitis Workshop and gave a much more urban look to the house.

The other acquision was the Tabletop World's Merchant's House which I wasn't originally planning of getting. Needless to say, it was a very good purchase since the model is full of amazing details, supremely sculpted and with dozens of cool accessories!

In the middle of all the terrain fest, I haven't dedicated much time to painting miniatures, which is a shame... so far, I have a whole bunch of zombies, necromancers, wraiths, Mordheim civilians and most of the Bruegelburg amazing range of miniatures left to paint...

So, here are some that I did manage to finish:

Runelord, from GW

Ghouls, from Mantic Games (although they look so good as humans that I will be using them as beggars wandering in the medieval town).

So that's it for now. Hope you enjoy and keep checking the blog!


  1. your board looks absolutely fantastic. love the texture - you've done a good job keeping it versatile.

  2. I'm thinking of getting the house from Tabletop too, amazing stuff! Creepy beggars but good idea.

  3. Wow

    Forgive the lack of more expletives - I need to pick my jaw up off the floor!

  4. I love the photos you've taken, and am very lucky to see how everything looks in real life! So proud of you Fofo and wish you (and us) lots more fun and inspiration for ongoing and future projects! Chuakis, your 3rd elbowless chicken ;)

  5. @ Tristan: thanks a lot for the visit and comment. Since I have different landscapes in mind, going for a versatile board was definitely a priority.

    @ Dr. Willett: the TTW house is a beauty. I still don't know if it's going to blend in well with the rest, but it really doesn't matter; it's going to be great fun to paint it!

    @ ADB: thanks a lot for the expletive! :)

    @ Fofinha: thanks a lot for being my partner in crime and for putting up with the growing population of little men in the house!

  6. That town is great, I am so happy that you now have a place to show it off as well. Now you need big-ass drawers underneath.