Saturday, 23 April 2011

Medieval Town

After the big investment I made on my 28mm scale rural houses two years ago, I started planning the project for a medieval town. I bought some villagers and even painted a few of them, but I was always lacking the houses. In a perfect world, my collection would have had a combination of houses from Pardulon, Tabletop World and Forge World. But since they are either too expensive or no longer in production, I settled for something more practical - and considerably less expensive: Ziterdes houses.

These are made of hard foam and come sold pre-painted with very simple colour combination (grey and red).

I already owned a barn from Ziterdes (thanks a lot, Tim), so I decided to get five more buildings (two manor houses, two guesthouses and a farm mill).

I was a bit worried that the scale wouldn't be exactly 28mm since the doors looked a bit smaller than the average miniature. Fortunately, the buildings perfectly match both 25 and 28mm scale.

There is still a lot of work to be done here, though. I will be spraying all the buildings black (I started with the barn) and then paint them from scratch. This will take me a few hours per building. After that, I'll be adding bits and pieces like signs, posters and other objects that will bring the buildings to life. I can always use the spare GW bits that came the watchtower and chapel for this purpose.

Here are some pictures of what the town looks like and the different kinds of layouts one can display on the board (I might get some more ideas from things like The Settlers).

P.S. I got these from Simple Miniature Games, a shop in Christchurch. The owner was very kind in sharing with me a few precious ideas for this project (including turning the barn into a smithy) and also by giving me a considerable discount on the houses. In the end he even offered me a black spray can and a pack of bits for my smithy!

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