Thursday, 9 December 2010

In the forge

Here are the latest models that have been filling my painting agenda (still need basing):

Yhedra, from Enigma Miniatures - very small but beautiful miniature. I just love how Enigma does such unusual models and yet with so much quality.

A miniature from Fenryll. I still don't know where to use this particular character but I like the chaotic looks of this little fellow.

The treeman comes from the Mirliton range and will add some variety to the treemen and dryads that I already own. I particularly enjoy his angry look!

I got this faun in Newbury, this year. The manufacturer is Grim Reaper Casting. It will be a discreet but very powerful character for my Wood Elves army in the future.

A Scibor miniature. This manufacturer simply comes up with astonishing models and this warrior priest is no different. It was actually a gift from my friend Tim, who was looking for alternatives for his GW Warrior Priests. This particular model has so many details that it was a wonder to paint it. It even comes with a scenic base (like all Scibor miniatures) of a ruined temple.

Another Scibor miniature. Is he a wizard, a scribe, a dwarf or all of these together? Since Forge Quest will have its big share of magicians and scribes, this miniature will definitely stand out at some point.

Last but not least, an Elf miniature from Scibor. Although I was instantly intimidated with the level of detail on this miniature, I felt the urge to have a go and decided to paint it anyway. This is probably the most amazing model I've ever had the pleasure to paint so far (even though it's not the best paint job I've ever done!). Scibor sculptors really put an effort to go the extra mile and to add little bits and pieces that result in a top class model.

One of those extra bits is the decoration on the cloak with an insane level of detail. Love those leafs, by the way.

Finally, the little companion next to the elf. Is this a forest spirit? I don't know, but I'll definitely come up with some background story for this bizarre individual.


  1. It's great to see some miniatures up. I really like all of these, especially that first guy.

  2. Great! I will want to finish basing all the outstanding miniatures so we can start playing.