Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Bogs

In the south of Hargam, the main continent of Gandaroth, there is a forbidden region where many travellers have vanished without a trace. There are sinister tales of entire battalions of men getting lost for weeks only to find themselves trapped in quicksand and irremediably awaiting to be caught and eaten by inenarrable creatures that lurk in the swamps.

This place is called the Bogs and it has seen more victims in the history of Gandaroth than probably any other place.

No one has ever been able to draw a map of the Bogs and only its natives know where it is safe to walk on.
The main victims of its endless labyrinths are obviously the Orcs, who have been trying to travel from Kestenlande, their present home, to the main cities of Hargam through the Bogs.

Even the most fortunate travellers that find their way out of the infamous marshes, will soon realise that they have been lethally bitten by the giant hornets that patrol the outskirts of the Bogs.

Such place has no tolerance for intruders and only a fool would ever think of crossing this deadly region and live to tell the story.


  1. This is my favourite narrative so far because it is more specific and local and we're now seeing a location that could be gamed in. Best of all it sounds creepy and sinister with enough mystery and intrigue to keep us guessing.

  2. Well! We might need to use your brand new lakes as swamps for a mission in the infamous Bogs. Maybe a suicidal incursion of the orcs trying to reach as far as Boran Hills could be a start?