Thursday, 16 December 2010

No Way Out

A regiment of orcs, lead by the fearsome warlord Rawgrom, left the outskirts of Kroktum, in the North of Kestenlande and decided to cross the infamous Bogs. Aware of the dreadful intentions of the Orcs expanding their realm, the rangers of Naull Falla, the watchtower in the South of Hargam, took on the suicidal mission of tracking down the orcs before they could escape the Bogs for good.
The current rulers of Hargam do not see the incursion of orcs as a serious threat to the kingdom, since hardly anyone has been able to cross the bogs successfully. But the rangers are aware of the real issue: if the orcs figure out the best way to go through the bogs into the human settlements, then soon endless hordes will invade the mainland, spreading havoc and death across the continent.

The Orcs start on one edge of the board and move to the other extremity;
The Rangers are deployed on the opposite edge of the board to the Orcs and move to the other side.

At least one orc should escape alive from the Bogs, in order for the Orcs to succeed in this mission;
All the orcs should be killed or captured if the rangers want to succeed in this mission.


  1. I like this scenario. It's easy to understand and has a good bit of background.

  2. It can go either way. But to be honest, I doubt any of the parties will make it in the end...