Sunday, 2 January 2011

Kestenlande, the Forbidden Continent

Kesten, literally meaning 'danger', was the name given by men to the lands that spread south of Hargam, beyond Tenger Sea.
Many centuries ago, Kestenlande was a place with several human settlements scattered across the continent and life used to be peaceful and prosperous.
But then the Orcs came and chaos spread to extremes unknown until then. Villages and towns were sacked and destroyed and the surviving humans were forced to leave everything behind. Eventually they crossed the sea and settled in Hargam.

There were a few who decided to remain, though. Resisting the savagery perpetrated by the Orcs, these brave humans found their provisional home in the East of Kestenlande, the regions beyond the great mountains and Lonholnn, the dark forest. Two towers were erected to ensure that the war with the Orcs would not imperil the last human cities. Up to this day, the rebels remain vigilant over the ongoing advances made by the green beasts.

The West, however, was forever doomed to a state of anarchy, as the Orcs increased in number and in power. Their strongholds kept on expanding and they now control most of the continent. The human rebels know that their time will come soon...

A tribe of Orclings leaves the outskirts of Ganwan to menace the humans of the East.

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