Sunday, 13 March 2011

Girl Power

My miniature collection is populated with hundreds of monsters, goblins, orcs, demons and so on. A few dwarfs here and there and the odd human. In the middle of the pandemonium, I've dedicated very little time to female characters. Well, those days are over; because I didn't want to be accused of discrimination by favouring male characters in my painting activity, here's my latest painting: Collector of Isha, from Sphere Wars. The miniature was surprisingly straight forward to paint which allowed me some space for experimentation - especially regarding blending techniques.

After the debacle of the rangers against the orcs (battle report to be written in this century - I promise, Tim), this lady might come in handy in future clashes between humans and the green beasts.


  1. Well she's kind of sexy.

    For a miniature (clears throat).

  2. Hopefully that should suffice to distract the orcs next time we have a battle...