Sunday, 16 January 2011

In the forge

The Christmas break was extremely generous with me as it allowed plenty of time to finish some of my outstanding projects. Now that I resumed work, the miniature painting activity got a bit neglected.
Still, I have some projects going at the moment (actually, quite a lot of them!):

Wendigos: I have eight left to paint. Hopefully I should have them done by the end of this month;

Scibor Basing Kit: the ten pieces are almost ready. I will make a few pictures available here in the blog to show the detail that we get with these beautiful sculptures;

Giant Crocodile: I got this plastic toy from Schleich and started adding a few more colours to the teeth and scales. It will be amazing to have this big fellow in the Bogs campaign;

Saurus & Skinks: I was a bit naughty and bought the Lizardmen battalion boxed-set last weekend. I've managed to assemble twenty Saurus and twelve Skinks. I also started painting a few Temple Guards. I really have no idea why I got myself into another massive project. I guess I just couldn't resist the lure of the cold ones;

Toadmen: the super cool miniatures from Alkemy, that I decided to use in Forge Quest as toadmen. Three of them are almost there; six more to follow;

Splintered Light Miniatures: some frogs, moles, mice, satyrs and fauns. I got this before Christmas, but because of the snow, the package only managed to find its way last week. They are going to be excellent additions to my Wood Elves army;

Stuff to repaint: a dryad and a troll. I was appalled with how badly painted they were in the end, so I will have another go at them. This is what I get for rushing the paint job;

?????: I really have no idea what this is. I can see some scattered miniatures, like a wandering Ogre and few snotlings;

Wasteland: some instructions, super glue, tissues and bases. What a mess!


  1. WoW João ;) a isto é que eu chamo um projecto!!!
    Ando a ver os promenores todos deste teu blog, dá vontade de converter a minha mesa da sala que tem 2,5mt para fazer uma batalha épica à escala. ;D
    Fico contente que estejas bem e entretido, pena já não te ver há tantos anos... abraço grande, tudo a correr. ;)

  2. Hey, Johnny! Obrigadão pela visita e pelos comentários! Se tens a sorte de ter uma mesa dessas, não percas tempo! Eu ainda tenho de arranjar uma cá para casa.
    Grande abraço e vai visitando sempre que possas! :)