Sunday, 22 May 2011

Medieval Town - Work in Progress

I spent the last few weeks mainly focusing on painting the collection of houses I bought for my town project. I've also been getting more bits and pieces for the town, adding to the Ziterdes stuff I already have, like two houses from Conflix. Not the easiest things to paint, Ziterdes, but still a lot of fun (I will be posting an article on the challenges of painting some of these houses)

In the meantime, I was given a table for my board by my good friend Tim and his wife, Gill. And yesterday I managed to fetch a board to put on the table (again, I will write a detailed description of the whole saga). I'm still not sure of which wallpaper pattern to go for as far as the cobblestone is concerned.

For the time being, here's just a sneak peek of how the town looks like.



  1. I still think you should go with those flagstones. They're just amazing! They really bring the town alive.

    I actually can't wait to see this town complete and fully populated. It's going to be an incredible sight!

  2. Hey man, thanks a lot for the feedback. I still need to complete a few houses, get a chapel and get going with the fortified walls around the town. Between that and painting the remaining civilians, I reckon I will need a few good months. Anyway, I'll play around with the different wallpapers I have and see what looks better.

  3. Your town is shaping up nicely! I concur about the flagstones: They look really good on the photos. And very effective too - which is always difficult.

    I look forward to your article about the Ziterdes buildings. I have seen the foam houses on conventions and in shops and they didn't leave a good impression on me. I assumed they would be difficult to paint and most likely not turn out that great either.

  4. Thanks a lot for the comment! The flagstones have been the best thing for the floor so far!

    Ziterdes buildings are very ambivalent. They can do the trick once fully repainted, but not the most enjoyable thing to paint though... I will post something on this when I get the time.

  5. Thanks Arny! More houses to come as soon as have more time! :)

  6. Looking good!

    I'm collecting pieces for a town also. The outside walls are Mage Knight Castle Walls. I've got 13 towers, 3 gatehouses and a couple of keeps. I've got a bunch of the Conflix buildings as I don't mind having duplicates within the town. Have you seen they've brought out a few new buildings - Priest's House, Money Lender's House, Keep and a bit wonky Sorcerer's House?

  7. Hi Julian. Thanks for the nice comment. I haven't done much updating on the town - let alone the blog. I must check that mage knight castle you mentioned.
    I have seen the new Conflix stuff indeed. Some of their terrain does look very good and affordable.
    Most of my town terrain comes from Ziterdes, though.