Thursday, 30 December 2010

An Evening with Talisman

Board Game: Talisman (Revised Fourth Edition)
Players: 5
Objective: reach the Inner Region and capture the Crown of Command

Second time round with Talisman, this time with five players (a warrior, a dwarf, a sorceress, a prophetess and an assassin). We decided to use painted miniatures (non-Talisman) for the characters and for any other creature that would come up during the game. What can I say? A lot of action, dice rolling, encounters, blood, sweat and tears and bad luck all over the auction (at least for me).

Overall, we had a great time playing the game. We learned a lot about the strong and weak points of the characters and what to do in future games to get away with murder (I will definitely claim all my trophies and exchange them for more strength).

The game went on for several hours, which can be a little annoying especially if you keep losing lives and getting turned into a toad.
At some stage, there was a lot of interaction between the players, where combat was used to steal precious tokens (including talismans). In the process, hobgoblins, ghosts, dragons, boars, bandits and demons were mercilessly slain by the fearless players.

In the end, the assassin and the warrior got to have the final showdown in disputing the infamous Crown of Command. The assassin eventually won the duel and managed to win the game.
Definitely a gaming experience to be repeated!

Noncsi, the Wise Dragon, gives me all her support but in vain as I turn into a toad...

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