Thursday, 18 August 2011

Miniatures - Citizens

In between games, I managed to crack on with some painting. My priority was getting some of the town citizens done, so I painted the following miniatures:

Merchant and Scribe, from GW. They look very charismatic and not so out of place as I previously feared.

A few characters from Mordheim's Frenzied mob, again from GW. I really love this pack, as it comes with really cool miniatures that can work as peasants, beggars or even main characters for my town campaigns.

Potion seller and the village idiot, respectively from Reaper and Hasselfree miniatures. I was a bit disappointed with the end result on the girl's face, especially the eyes... as for the village idiot, I felt I didn't do justice to the wonderful sculpt, but hey, they both do the job for the time being.

Finally, not really town related, but not totally out of place either, I painted these dwarfs from Black Tree Design.

Inspired by this amazing thread, I went for a more colourful blend of different characters than usual to give a bit of variation to my dwarf army.

Hope you like these!

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  1. I am VERY excited to play a first game in this town, interacting with all these different characters.