Friday, 3 December 2010

The Legend of Gandaroth - Chapter I

Before the Time of Man, the Gods of the Blue Mist greeted the four worlds with their wisdom in the shape of eight runes. All over land and sea, Truth, Strength, Fire, Peace, Righteousness, Good Fortune, Memory and Forgiveness would serve great purpose to all living beings.
For millennia, these runes were protected by the eight sages summoned by the Gods. The world of Gandaroth was concealed in peace and prosperity.

But greed and malice did not allow the great plan to carry on for long. The Dark Council, lusting after the infinite power of the stones, called out the Great Demons from Ancient Times, opening portals linked to the netherworld, Tormentia.
These foul spectres haunted the world seeking to steal the runes from Man, and ultimately, from universal order.

Chaos and destruction emerged and spread across the four worlds. The search for the runes became a mission of blood and death. Weary of the horrible fate in the hands of the Demons, the eight sages decided to hide the mystical stones where they could never be found ever again. They also agreed to take their own lives so that their secret would never be revealed.

Each sage travelled for years, facing endless dangers and trusting no one. The path was of sacrifice and solitude. Eventually, one by one, the runes were hidden and lost for eternity as their lawful protectors kept their oath and killed themselves before anyone could get their hands on them.

All, but one; Regrus, the tall sage from the North, decided to use his rune, the Stone of Forgiveness, and face the dark entities in an epic but tragic duel. All alone and completely defenceless, Regrus was defeated by the evil demons and forced to hand them his rune.

His personal battle was lost. Filled with self-hatred, Regrus swiftly sank in the realm of bitterness and madness. The dark gods laughed and took the virtue of forgiveness with them, impoverishing the high values of Man.

After this, the World's fate was never safe again. The dark forces increased in power and would show no mercy in finding the remaining seven gems...


  1. This map is great! It really generates a feeling that we're looking at a real place with history and and ongoing storyline!

  2. Thank you, my friend. I hope to publish a few more posts soon with some painted miniatures and a bit of narrative too!

  3. Wow! The story is really filling out. It's great to see it written down like this. I like! I like!